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Crayons de couleur Holbein

Délais de livraison : expédition tous les lundi et jeudi à 15h en colissimo contre signature (délais 2 à 3 jours.)

Colored Pencil

Holbein's Colored Pencil for Artists…A total of 150 colors
Meltz (liquid for gradation of colored pencil)… 35ml
Meltz pen
What is Colored Pencil?
It is the colored pencil that the lead kneaded with pigment, wax, fats and oils, etc. is dried and put in the thin central canal of an axial pencil frame of wood. Holbein's Artists' Colored Pencil made from carefully selected fine pigments is a soft oil colored pencil; therefore, it is adjusted to meet artists' high demands. As color material, it enables you to paint rapidly necessary colors one after another without soiling the hand.
  1. Color spreads well, for the lead is soft. 
    It can be used for daubing the whole surface of paper uniformly with a thick lead and also for drawing fine lines smoothly with a tapering lead.
  2. Excellent light resistance
    High-grade pigment is selected carefully, and it exhibits little fading or discoloration by light.
  3. Thick lead and thick pencil easy to draw with
    The lead 3.8 millimeters in diameter is thick enough to paint wide area at a time. The pencil 7.8 milliliter in diameter is easy to hold and thus the hand drawing is not so exhaustive.
  4. Able to draw on watercolor, gouache, and acrylic color
    It can be used together with watercolor or acrylic color, for it fixes well to any kind of paper. 
  5. Able to paint like watercolor painting with Meltz
    You can paint a picture with the colored pencils in advance and dissolve and gradate it with Meltz. Then the completed picture looks like watercolor painting. "

Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 14 ans.
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