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Our values

Treat yourself to a pleasant moment and escape with magnificent illustrations whose benefits are no longer to be proved.

Adult coloring is practiced at its own pace, anywhere and at any time of the day and suitable for people of all ages. It is a calm activity to relax, favoring concentration and allowing to preserve the sense of creativity, the coloring fight against stress and calms anxieties.By the results obtained, it increases the self-esteem and promotes the conservation of social ties by practicing alone or in a group then sharing with the whole world, your colorings, your advice and experiences.


The coloring for adults, a strong community around the world.

Coloring for adults, Coloring anti-stress, Mandalas, Zentangle, Doodle are just as many styles that can be found in this soothing activity.. The community of coloring for adults is strong of millions of passionate members throughout the world, find them on forums blogs social networks to share your creations, your advice, exchange on your pencils of colors and all your favorite experiences. Thanks to the colors, illustrate your story.

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